I'm thinking of advertising our law firm. Isn't it enough to describe us as “the best personal injury firm in Little Rock?”

That would be a good start, yes. But without even looking at the detailed listings, we can tell you that there are at least a few dozen other personal injury law firms in Little Rock, and all of them would probably describe themselves as the “best” in TV, radio, and web advertisements.

It helps to keep in mind that there are over one million lawyers in the United States, and a whopping 30 percent of them—that's 300,000 attorneys!—list personal injury as one of their specialties.

The point is, while you may well be the “best” personal injury firm in Little Rock, you're far from the only law firm advertising its services. If you really did your homework, you would have identified the other major players in your market and figured out their slant on personal injury law. Do they specialize in on-the-job injuries? Slips and falls? Injuries resulting from car accidents? Only by getting an eagle's eye view of the competitive landscape can you hope to craft a legal advertising campaign that makes prospective clients choose your law firm rather than the one down the block.

At Great Legal Marketing, we specialize in crafting law firm advertising and promotional campaigns that set you apart from the competition, whether you're operating in a small town, a medium-sized city, or a major metropolis—and whether you practice a popular specialty like personal injury, or a more esoteric one like viatical trusts. Only a well-targeted campaign, using carefully chosen media, can reach the kinds of clients you want to attract. Call our legal marketing experts today at 888-791-2150 to get the process started!

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