I’m writing a book to offer to my attorney website visitors. How long should it be, and how should I structure it?

When it comes to free offers on your attorney website, quality should always come before quantity. If you offer a 200-page book that is filled with typos, unclear language, and unhelpful information, you aren’t providing your potential clients with what they need and you aren’t establishing yourself as an expert author in your field. You are far better off offering a short, well-designed, and well-written guide that answers pertinent questions in a clear, straightforward manner.

With that being said, if you are going to offer your law firm website visitors something called a “book,” it should be book length—we recommend at least 40 pages. If your ebook is shorter than that, consider calling it a “guide” or “pamphlet.” Whatever length your offer is, be honest about its length and the information that it contains. A longer book might look impressive at first, but if it is nothing but filler, readers will notice.

Whatever the length of your free offer, make sure that is it designed to be easy to read: think about short paragraphs, subheads, bulleted lists, and helpful diagrams and graphs. Always include a table of contents and include an index if your book is particularly long.

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