I made a LinkedIn account, and now everyone wants to be connected to me. Should I accept everyone? After all, social media is just a big popularity contest, right?

Moments after you create a LinkedIn page to promote your law firm, there will be people popping up in the sidebar: Do you know these people? The site will ask. If you do, add them to your network! They’re only a click away… 

But wait!Just like in real life, there’s a difference between being popular and having a bad reputation—and online, “who you know” will always be more important than “how many” you know.When making contacts on LinkedIn, it is important that you add:

  • Peers you have worked with. Remember: you are recommending the people you are linked to as positive business contacts. If you have worked with another attorney at a different firm, you may well wish to connect to him—and he should connect back to you. After all, you are acknowledging that you have done business together, which shows potential clients that you have good standing in your field.
  • Former clients. Always connect with satisfied clients. They are your best advertisement.
  • Professional acquaintances. LinkedIn has a slight edge over Facebook: all of your contacts are created equal. When you add your employees and former co-workers to your site, you are promoting your business simply by commenting on their activities. This way, when their friends are looking for an attorney, they will think, “Wait—isn’t Jane friends with a lawyer?”

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Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.