I think Ive created the best marketing for lawyers. My state ethics committee has expressed concern that I am violating one of their ethical rules. Is it worth it to challenge the opinion of the ethics office?

Yes, it may be worth challenging the opinion of the state ethics committee if you believe that you have created good law firm marketing materials and that the state ethics office is misinterpreting its own rule or otherwise being unfair.

Many state ethics offices become concerned when a law firm’s marketing materials look different than similar material from other law firms in their area. However, different does not necessarily mean unethical and is not always a cause for concern.

It’s better, of course, if you can manage not to let this become an adversarial issue in its own right. Negotiate, if possible, with representatives of the ethics board to try to understand why they find your law firm marketing program unethical. It’s always preferable to forestall a decision against you, rather than have to appeal an unfavorable judgment later.

If you have taken the time to work with an experienced legal marketing consultant or to study the ethical rules in your state and you believe that you are in compliance with the requirements, then you should stand up for your work and advocate for your own success.

While you certainly can challenge the opinion of the state ethics board, it is easier never to get into that position in the first place. Instead, it is important to create websites and materials that are the best marketing for lawyers and do not come close to crossing ethical lines in your jurisdiction. 

A legal marketing consultant can help you create dynamic attorney marketing materials that are well within ethical lines. For more information, please read a FREE chapter of our Great Legal Marketing book and call us directly at 703.591.9829.
Ben Glass
Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.