I try to be available to potential clients 24/7, which is wasting my time and running me ragged. Is it time for me to reconsider my strategy?

Yes! Let's look at this situation from the point of view of the potential client you're so eager to impress. Say you've been diagnosed with a serious medical condition, and you need to undergo major surgery. Would you rather use the services of a doctor who:

  1. Answers the office phone himself on the first ring, listens patiently to your story, and then says, "Well, my schedule is free this afternoon! Let's set up the procedure at the hospital and get this over with!"
  2. Has his nurse carefully screen callers—who listens to your story patiently and politely before saying, "Well, Dr. X is completely booked for the next three weeks, but we can tentatively schedule your surgery on a day when he's free."

Unless your liver is literally trying to wriggle free from your torso, you'll probably be much more comfortable with doctor #2. After all, how good can doctor #1 be if (a) he has enough leisure time to pick up the phone himself and chat with you for half an hour or so, and (b) he has so few patients that he can schedule the operation as quickly as Pizza Hut can deliver an extra-large with anchovies?

At Great Legal Marketing, we can tell you that it is a big mistake to make yourself too available to potential clients (and this may not be such a great idea with your existing clients, either). Not only is your time valuable, but also by being too liberal with your availability, you may be sending the unintentional message that you're not a very effective lawyer.

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