I’ve already spent hours on creating an interesting and interactive website. Do I really need a blog, too?

That depends. Say you were looking to hire a caterer for a business lunch. You really like the menu on a restaurant’s website, but it was last updated a year ago—even the daily specials haven’t changed. Would you expect that the caterer could deliver good service if he can’t pay attention to the face of his business?

The same applies to creating a blog for your law firm’s website. It is necessary to have a multi-page, multimedia presence for your firm, and a blog is an essential marketing tool for bringing in clients and helping your search ranking.

Here are some quick tips to help you get started on your legal blog:

  • You don’t have to learn code. Many people are afraid to start blogging because they don’t know how to use the interface. However, many sites offer built-in content management, meaning once the blog is set up, it easy to add, delete or edit content, keeping your blog fresh and relevant.
  • Remember your marketing rules. Your blog should contain the same kind of content as your pages: copy that appeals to readers and has key phrases that search engine robots will rank highly. Remember to add a “call to action” at the end of the piece where your readers can find a way to contact you easily.
  • Keep it short and sweet. A blog should be nowhere near as long as one of your static webpages. Think of it as a blurb or a summary rather than a whole story. By offering links to other pages on your site within the post, you are leaving your readers hungry for more information and giving them somewhere to go to get it.

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