I’ve left my old firm, and now I am starting my own practice. Should I use a “tried and true” legal marketing campaign for a few years so I’m not risking my new business?

It’s easy to be tempted by the siren call of web developers who will promise to make your site the best thing the Internet has ever seen. However, it’s unlikely that such a promise it going to be true.

Of course, many web developers have experience building a great legal webpage. But in many cases, the reason they can keep churning out website after website is that they are built using templates. There are a set number of designs; you pick one, and they slap your name on it. It will get you up and running pretty quickly, but you’ll be running next to a million other attorneys in an enormous crowd, with no way to tell you apart.

This is a pretty great deal for website companies. They have a low-risk and high-return business, to the effect that all of their clients are doing the exact same advertising. If you’re the new guy in this crowd, you’ve already got some catching up to do. Why would you want to start at the back of the pack?

Now, granted: there are only so many different ways your website can look, so you’re going to have to depend on your content to sell you. Forget about all the old tropes such as touting your “X years of experience” and your “team of attorneys” and the fact that you’ve been “in business since XXXX.” None of these claims will help you anyway. Zero in on why you are different. Customers are going to see that you’re new on the block, so celebrate the fact that you are starting your own firm instead of hiding it.

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