I want to make the switch to unique lawyer marketing, but where do I begin?

Even for attorneys who understand the importance of breaking away from traditional, overdone legal marketing techniques, a confusion as to where to begin making a change holds many back from their potential for success. Fortunately, the first step of making this change is less intimidating when lawyers recognize that it is possible to venture into this new form of law firm advertising by taking just one step at a time. The following is an example of how a lawyer can ease into a new form of unique marketing:
  • Begin with establishing an easy to navigate, educational, and compelling law firm website. The website is truly the cornerstone of a modern legal marketing campaign. 
  • Learn about search engine optimization techniques or hire an outside vendor with a proven track record to assist you in ensuring that your law firm website appears at the top of a Google search results list.
  • Change your existing forms of advertising, such as yellow page ads and directory listings, to reflect the new marketing strategy. For example, instead of discussing your background and bar licensures, offer a compelling message that inspires potential clients to reach out for more information.
  • Begin writing a law firm blog, updating it frequently with interesting, relevant content that links back to your website.
  • Consider issuing an informative newsletter that is distributed on a regular basis.
  • Begin creating law firm videos and posting them online.
  • Start the process of writing a legal book or consumer guide. Make it available online, and aim to distribute it to potential clients before they even pick up the phone to contact you.
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