Absolutely not. A bad press release can seriously hurt your credibility, so you want to make sure you do it right. Here are a few guidelines to follow when writing a press release for a legal website:

  • Stick to an actual announcement. Press releases should only be used when something major has happened, like you have added a partner to your firm, or you won a major case. These should be treated like breaking news: include the who, what, where, when, and why.
  • Use key phrases sparingly. Less is more in a press release. Choose one or two key phrases, point the links back to your site, and make sure they read well within the context of the article.
  • Subtly include company information. Instead of scattering your firm’s information throughout the article, write a short hyperlinked paragraph as the by-line, such as “Contributed by Jones and Smith Law Firm of Dayton, OH.”
  • Optimize for humans. Leave your obvious marketing tactics at the door. Reporters and editors are wise to the public relations practice of “ads as news,” so you want this to be news first, marketing second. Keep a clear and even keel as you write, sticking to the facts and avoiding glowing phrases. You can’t be unbiased (after all, you do want people to go to your firm), but you have to write without bias.

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