I'm a [insert your legal niche] lawyer, will your Marketing work for me?

Only if you pay attention and apply what I teach you.

I'm going to give you a deep, dark secret: Good marketing works across legal niches and, indeed, across industries. While I started Great Legal Marketing to be a source of information for personal injury attorneys (because that's what I am), we have attracted and now have coaching and mastermind members in virtually every consumer niche, including, for example:

1. DUI and Reckless Driving (Bob Battle: BobBattleLaw.com)
2. Estate Planning (David Frees: PaEstatePlanners.com)
3. Divorce and Family Law (Charlie Hofheimer, VirginiaDivorceAttorney.com)
4. Product Liability (John Bisnar, BestAttorney.com)
5. Social Security Disability (Sharon Christie, SharonChristieLaw.com)
6. Bankruptcy (Jim Brown, CastleLaw.net)
7. Criminal Law (Will Davis, DavisLawFirm.com)
8. International Immigration and Business (Vaughan de Kirby, DeKirby.net)
9. ERISA Disability (Nancy Cavey, CaveyLaw.com)
10. Workers Compensation (Michele Lewane, InjuredWorkersLawFirm.com)
11. Franchise Law for Small Business (Charles Internicola, NewYorkFranchiseLaw.com)
12. Maritime Law Brian Beckcom, (VBAttorney.com)
13. Child Injury Attorney (Jim Dodson, FloridaChildInjuryChildLaw.com)

Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.