Im thinking about including a promotional item in my next mailing. Would that be a good use of my attorney marketing budget?

Including a promotional item in a mailing to prospective clients can be an important tool in your legal marketing plan and a good use of your law firm marketing dollars. If you’ve ordered promotional items such as pens, memo pads, key chains or the like for your law firm, then you already know that they are relatively inexpensive. You probably also know that one of the hardest parts about promotional advertising is getting the item into the hands of a potential client.
Think about it. You’ve likely provided your promotional item to your family, friends, and existing clients. Yet these are all people who are likely to hire you anyway. How do you get the promotional item to someone who might see it and be reminded of you when the time comes to hire a lawyer? A good way is to include it in your mailings. For example, if you have a packet of information that you send out when a person requests a free book from your website or makes contact with your firm in another way, then you might consider including the promotional material in that packet as a form of attorney marketing. It won’t cost you much more in postage or effort to do so, and the potential return is great.
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Ben Glass
Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.