Is asking former clients to post positive online reviews good for attorney marketing?

Many potential clients search online when they are in need of legal representation. Often, these searches drive individuals to attorney directories or websites such as Many of these websites allow for users to post reviews about particular lawyers or law firms. When these reviews are positive, they can improve the reputation of the firm. If clients had a positive experience working with you, many will be happy to oblige your request.

It is in your law firm’s best interest to encourage former clients to post positive reviews about your service as part of your attorney marketing strategy. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Allows potential clients to read reviews from individuals who have had actual experience working with the firm
  • Allows potential clients to see a more personal side of the firm
  • Helps dilute the impact of any negative reviews
  • Improves the overall online impression and reputation of the firm

Where can clients post positive reviews?

  • Directly on your website
  • On other legal websites, such as or

It may feel intimidating to ask former clients to write something about their experience with your firm; however, these reviews are an excellent legal marketing tool. If your firm provided excellent service, former clients will likely be happy to comply with the request. Unfortunately, writing a review is not always something that a former client would think to do without being asked.

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