Is it even worth it to buy a Yellow Pages ad anymore?

Legal marketing in the Yellow Pages is a complex problem. On one hand, the Internet provides such an instant connection to all people and businesses that attorneys don’t want to waste money on print ads anymore (and if magazine ad revenue is dwindling, imagine how little an ad in a phone book is going to be read).

However, there are still some areas of the country where lawyer advertising in the Yellow Pages is still very much alive. If you’re considering a phonebook ad for your law firm, consider these three factors:

  • Your customer base. If you are marketing to a demographic that is unlikely to be online, a print ad may be worth the extra effort and expense.
  • Where you live. In some rural or isolated areas, many homes are still without an Internet connection, or have a slow enough dial-up connection that flipping through the phonebook is a faster reference tool.
  • How many local attorneys are doing it. The trend of lawyers bailing on advertising in the Yellow Pages can actually work in your favor. Count how many attorneys are still listed in your phone book. If it’s not many, there’s a greater chance your ad will stand out.

In the end, you will only know whether your print ad is worth it is by creating a response-driven ad that can be tracked and evaluated as part of your marketing research. If enough of your clients say that they found you by using your ad in the phone book to offset the cost of the ad, it may be just the marketing niche that keeps you ahead of your competition.

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Ben Glass
Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.