Is there an easy strategy for designing my legal website?

There are quite a few of them. For instance, many attorneys believe in a “shotgun” approach to web marketing, making the mistake of trying to force a sale out of their customers. Their websites attempt to do too much: introduce the firm, lay out its credentials, and run through its specialties all before the airtime runs out.

Unfortunately, this method will be costly—and probably will not net you any new business.

Our strategy for building a great legal website is fairly simple, and relies on four steps that bring the reader closer and closer to your door:

1.      Attract your customers’ attention. There are thousands of competing attorneys and law firms out there. Your content must be original and provoke the reader’s emotions, prompting him to respond.

2.      Keep their interest. Customers will start their search for an attorney by researching their legal problem, so a variety of articles and blogs will keep them on your site.

3.      Get them to start a conversation with you. Everyone offers a free consultation nowadays, so that’s not enough incentive to call you. A free book, however, allows the customer to get more information without making the leap from customer to client (at least, not yet).

4.      Stop their search for another attorney. When they raise their hand for information, go the extra mile. Send an immediate email thanking them for their interest and let them know their package is on its way. When it arrives, it should have everything they asked for, plus newsletters and other promotional materials.

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