Isn't it enough to concentrate on my website's home page, rather than all the subsidiary pages? How many visitors ever make it past the home page, anyway?

Not to answer a question with a question, but—have you ever heard of a “Potemkin village?”

In the Soviet Union—back when there was a Soviet Union—Communist functionaries used to lead foreign fact-finding missions on tours through representative Russian villages, which were in fact constructed for this exact purpose. That Russian Orthodox Church may have looked impressive from a distance, but it was just a two-dimensional facade, as were the well-kept peasant homes and the community hall.

That is the effect you'll be creating if you devote all of your resources to your law firm's home page, without investing anything in the pages “behind the front door” (frequently asked questions, practice areas, news items, etc.)

Yes, it may well happen that a prospective client will be impressed enough with your home page that he'll choose to contact you then and there, either via email or a pop-up IM window. But it's far more likely that that person will poke around a little bit behind the scenes first, and when he comes up empty he'll wonder if you really have anything to offer beside the attractive promotional copy on your front page.

That's not the only reason to back up your home page with well-rounded content. The way Google works these days, the websites that receive the best search placement are those that have multiple pages and a steady stream of constantly updated content. A placeholder (or Potemkin) page may have worked five or 10 years ago, but today it will be quickly buried in the Google SERPs.

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