There Is An Argument Going On In The Comments Section Of My Legal Blog. Should I Delete The Posts That Don’t Agree With My Position?

The whole goal of your blog is to attract lots of traffic to your site, and with traffic comes negative comments. But just because you’ve gotten negative feedback doesn’t mean your reputation is in jeopardy; in fact, it is a great opportunity to change someone’s mind about you.

If you delete a negative comment, you’re telling your readers that you don’t have an answer to that question, or worse, that you don’t think the comment is worth your response. This is hardly an impressive attitude for someone who is supposed to offer help to those in need (and expects to make a living at it).

There are only three kinds of comments that should be deleted from your legal website:

  • Obscenities. If someone uses obscene language or makes threats, his comments may be deleted and he can be blocked from commenting further.
  • Defamatory remarks. You should not permit any slander in your comments section. However, it is best to warn the commenter on first offense that his remarks will be deleted if he continues.
  • Spam. Spam is not necessarily inflammatory, but it will quickly flood any available areas on your website and is distracting for human readers.

Other than those types of comments, you should welcome all other feedback on your site. After all, people who stay on your site are improving your law firm’s Google ranking just by being there, and prolonging the conversation will get you even more hits. You must allow others to be critical of your positions, but how you say something is just as important as what you say. Stand your ground politely and encourage the debate!

Ben Glass
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