One of the major challenges facing attorneys today is the set of rules and regulations put forth by their state bar associations. These guidelines and regulations are in place to make certain that lawyers advertise in an ethical manner, but some believe that some of the rules are not well thought out or fair. What can you do about these constraints, and how can you still advertise successfully?

First, know your state’s advertising rules—and follow them! Even if you don’t agree with everything, realize that it’s important to follow the regulations closely. You do not want to find yourself arguing about whether or not you have been professional, and you do not want to have to delete big chunks of your marketing plan.

Secondly, it is vital to understand that you can still have great attorney marketing campaigns, effective commercials, and killer websites even with the limitations in place. Sure, you might have to put in a bit more effort and think out of the box—but that’s where you find the best ideas and inspirations anyway. Instead of letting the rules stifle you, let them challenge you to find a new way to reach potential clients.

Finally, know that the Ben Glass style of marketing has been formed with these regulations in mind and is designed to work without attorneys having to worry about crossing any ethical lines or getting negative attention from their bar association. We even give our members regular updates about their state’s newest advertising rules.

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