My copy is good and my links point to all the right places. Do I really need to have video on my site?

Well, you don’t need video. Just like you don’t need a Facebook page, Twitter, or other social media—but you’ll probably find business a lot lonelier without them.

The bottom line is, video is one more way to get your clients to visit your page. Imagine your business as a mountain on a map, and Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are all different roads leading to the top. It doesn’t matter how they get to you, as long as they make it there—and if one of the roads is closed, you’re going to have a lot fewer visitors.

Here are just three reasons adding video to a law firm’s website can help your business:

  • Personality. If you’ve been following our Great Legal Marketing Tips, you’ve written your webpages in a way that sets you apart from the competition. What better way to set yourself apart than by putting yourself on the site? Your customers can get to know you before they call, giving them a sense of familiarity with you before you’ve even met.
  • Optimization. By adding your videos to the YouTube ranks, you’re creating another searchable database of keywords that will point viewers in your direction.
  • It’s FREE. Unlike the monthly fees you pay for other forms of legal advertising, attorney videos are completely free to post via YouTube. It doesn’t matter if three people or three thousand watch your video, because any clients you bring in will improve your customer base without your paying a cent.

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