My great legal marketing plan is working! I am on the first page of Google. I’m done thinking about marketing my law firm now, right?

Congratulations on your legal marketing success, but don’t be too quick to end your efforts now. If you stop what you are doing, then your success is likely to be short-lived.

While there may be some truth to the statement that it is harder to get kicked off of the first page of Google than to get on to the first page of Google, our legal marketing consultants urge you not to rely on that statement. Instead, if you want to continue your law firm marketing success, if you want to keep bringing in the types of cases that you enjoy taking, and if you want to keep achieving the work-life balance that your attorney marketing efforts have allowed you to enjoy recently, you need to keep working at your great legal marketing plan.

With that said, it should be easier to work on your marketing efforts now that you have achieved some success. You should have systems in place that allow you to continue to market to the people who have contacted your firm, and you should have website analytics in place that allow you to know why you are on the first page of Google for certain keywords. You may continue creating content for those keywords and identify other keywords for which you want to rank highly in search engine results and work on those in the future.

The legal field is a competitive one. Our legal marketing consultants urge you to keep up your small law firm marketing efforts and to call us at 703.591.9829 when you are ready to take your marketing to the next level.

Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.