Not All of My Ideal Clients Who Come in End Up Hiring Me. Could My Staff Members Be to Blame?

Staff problems are only one reason your customers could be walking out the door. Since they were able to find you and connect with you online or by phone before turning away, you may be able to gain some insight into why they did not choose you to represent them.

The most important element of a personal injury attorney marketing campaign is feedback. If you don’t know if an element of your marketing is working, how will you know it has been worth the investment—and if you should bother spending money on it again in the future?

It is vital that you involve yourself everywhere in your business, even if you cannot be physically present. You are the head of the business, your name is on the front door, and every person working below you is representing—and selling—you. That means that every time a staff member comes into contact with a customer, he has the ability to bring that client in or turn him away with each action he takes.

You must communicate to your staff that all forms of communication with your prospects and established clients are “sales moments.” Your employees should be working to improve every customer’s experience and relationship with your firm as if the customer were dealing directly with you. How effective is this communication? It is so important to that every action can either move the relationship forward or stop it completely—even with as little as a glance toward the clock while a customer is speaking.

Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.