My marketing advisor says it doesn’t matter how people find my website, I should just be happy they got there. Is that true?

Of course not! Think about it: how many times have you filled out a business survey that asked you the question, “How did you hear about us?” Those businesses aren’t just curious; they want to know where their marketing is working and where it isn’t, so they can focus their efforts (and money) on advertising media that are bringing in the most customers.

The Internet is no different, since most people will find you via an online search. But you have to know a little about search engines and keywords to narrow down your marketing efforts.

In order for your firm to appear on the first page of Google, you will need software that tracks the actual search terms that people are using to come to your site. Google offers a free tool called Google Analytics that will do this for you—and if you haven’t been shown how to use it, your web “expert” should be fired immediately.

Here’s why search terms are important: Attorneys may spend thousands of dollars to acquire key search phrases (such as "Texas work injury attorney"). However, over 70 percent of all searches do not use vanity keywords. People searching for help online are more likely to use phrases like “insurance help for a car accident in Louisville.” By knowing which phrases are pointing people to your site, you can market directly to them without wasting money on a marketing tactic that isn’t working.

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