My partner insists on storing all of our client information in a basic Excel spreadsheet. How can I convince him that we need to upgrade to client management software?

It might help if you download (or otherwise obtain) a free trial version of a database program and let your partner play with it!

With all due respect to Microsoft, Excel is far from the most intuitive program ever invented, although it does have its uses when it's wielded by a master (and employees who excel at Excel are increasingly thin on the ground these days). Sure, you can store your basic client information in this format, but you probably won't be able to access it at the touch of a button—and you certainly won't be able to sort it without consulting the manual (or, at the very least, summoning one of those Excel masters).

The fact is that, if your partner is of a certain age, and has grown up with the wonders of Excel, he may simply not be aware that there are better, more targeted, and more user-friendly client database systems out there. For example, a program called InfusionSoft can handle the database needs of not only your law practice, but of any side businesses you may happen to be involved in. With this program, not only can you easily gather contact information, but you can create a multi-step, multimedia follow-up campaign to turn potential clients into satisfied customers.

Even if you don't like InfusionSoft, there are literally dozens of other databases out there that can do a better job for your law firm than Excel.

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