My partner says a website can never have too many photographs—and now ours is so cluttered that visitors can barely find any information. What should I do?

Well, that depends on how many cold, hard facts you have at your disposal. If you're adept at using webmaster tools, you can show your partner that the photographs he loves so dearly are barely getting any “hits,” which is almost certainly the case.

The fact is that people don't visit legal websites to browse through picture galleries; there are other, far more popular sites that provide this service, such as Pinterest and Picasa. What people are looking for from your practice's website is information and answers—and while a picture may be worth a thousand words, those “words” are virtually useless to a person who needs to know whether or not he has the grounds to sue his doctor.

This isn't to say that your website should have no photographs at all. While the main focus of your page should be to provide information, this information is best digested in small servings, and the judicious use of pictures can guide visitors from one “course” to the next. A site that consists of nothing but text and headlines, no matter how well written, will simply not engage a visitor's interest, because the visual field needs to be broken up in order to be engaging. This is why newspaper and magazine articles are accompanied by photographs and other breaks in the text, such as pull quotes.

Still don't think your partner will be convinced? Have him call the website marketing experts at Great Legal Marketing (888-791-2150). We will lay out the case, in clear, persuasive language, why the main function of your law firm's website should be to answer a visitor's questions, not to offer a visual feast for his eyes!

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