Now that I've made a web video for legal marketing, how do I make sure it is seen?

Congratulations! You have joined the thousands of businesses and organizations, from IBM to the IRS, are taking advantage of web video. But, your legal marketing video won't be effective it if doesn't get viewers.

Loading your video on YouTube is the first step. YouTube, the world's largest video website, averages about 2 billion views a day - and it is free. However, in the same minute you loaded your lawyer marketing video, there were more than 24 hours of video loaded to YouTube. Set your video to public, and make sure that you allow commenting and ranking.

Just like website content, your web video will need to be optimized using keywords. Tag your video with the keywords, and include the keywords in your copy space. If you can, make the copy readable, rather than just a list of keywords. This will make it more attractive to viewers. YouTube allows 99 characters for titles and 5,000 for descriptions.

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Ben Glass
Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.