What is “branding,” and will it help my bankruptcy law firm’s ad campaign?

Branding is a term used when a business aims to dominate a specific market. These businesses employ many different strategies to “funnel” the customers they want in a direction that makes them find you everywhere they turn. In successful cases, the customers associate the product with the company (such as getting a Starbucks coffee), instead of the other way around (a coffee at Starbucks).

If you’re going to employ celebrity branding to your bankruptcy law firm marketing, you have to ensure that everyone in your area thinks of you as THE bankruptcy attorney. This involves marketing directly to your ideal customer, and establishing yourself as a celebrity both in your field and in your community.

People love celebrities. After all, a celebrity attracts interest, lowers consumer resistance, and creates an instant relationship with the consumer—all things that your branding should do with you at the helm.

The first step in creating your brand is to ask yourself two questions:

Now that you know who and where your client is, you can:

  • Develop specific ways for your prospect to find you
  • Help him learn more about you and decide why you are the right choice for him
  • Make it easy to reach you via an online chat box, phone number, email link, and a free offer
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