Should I Add Myself to Attorney Directories?

Should you add your profile to attorney directories?Generally, adding your name to online lawyer directories is not a best marketing practice. Many online attorney directory sites will accept anyone who has been admitted to the bar and has a credit card. There is little, if anything, to distinguish the different firms in your practice area, and there is no reason that a client should call you rather than a different lawyer based on the information available on the website.

If, however, you create your own website and do it properly — so that you show up on the first page of Google results for your chosen keywords — then you will stand out to potential clients. Your online law firm marketing efforts will answer the questions of your potential clients, provide useful information, and be memorable to visitors when they are finally ready to pick up the phone and schedule a consultation.

Creating your own effective small law firm website is not as easy as adding your name to an already established legal directory. Yet, if you are serious about making changes to your law firm and your life and you are interested in the best marketing for lawyers that is available for a law firm, then you will take the time to create a dynamic website.

Ben Glass
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