Should I advertise in the Yellow Pages?

There's no universal solution to everyone's legal marketing needs, so the inclusion of Yellow Pages ads in your legal marketing plan will be specific to your practice. Using Yellow Pages ads all depends on how prominent your local edition is to your potential clients.

The best way to test the waters of the Yellow Pages is to run a simple ad - not a huge color monstrosity that costs $100s.
Make sure you are using a unique Web address or phone number for contacts, so you can track client response. After a few months, evaluate the number and quality of the client referrals coming in from this legal marketing venue.

Once you've got your numbers, evaluate them. Say you gathered 20 client referrals from your Yellow Pages ad in a 3-month period, and 2 of these turned out to be solid cases you are now working on. Now you need to determine if the estimated value of these cases, plus the effort you are putting in to them, is worth the amount of Yellow Pages ad money you spent to get those two cases.

The only good answer to the question of "Is advertising in Yellow Pages right for me" is that you need to test it yourself to be sure.
What doesn't seem to work for me may work for another lawyer in another region or practice area.

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Ben Glass
Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.