Should I Include Radio Ads in my Law Firm Marketing Plans?

Should radio be apart of your lawyer marketing plan.As a lawyer, it is important to develop a complex and complete legal marketing plan for your small law firm. That plan may include radio marketing.

According to the Radio Advertising Bureau, 88% of people who have used a personal injury lawyer in the past 12 months have also listened to the radio. Think about it. Many of your clients are likely seeking your services because they have been injured in a car accident. That means your client likely travels by car, at least some of the time, and a car is a commonplace to listen to the radio.

Of course, if you want to include radio advertisements in your law firm marketing plan it is important to strategically place your ads during times when you will reach the maximum number of potential clients. For example, you might consider focusing your lawyer marketing radio ads during rush hour when more people are likely to be traveling by car (and potentially be nervous about crashes due to rush hour traffic).

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