I already have a hard copy of my law firm’s free guide. Do I really need to offer an e-book version?

If they are done well, informational guides are one of the most effective marketing tools for law firms. They establish you as an expert, and offer a constant reminder that you (and only you) can help the customer with his legal problem. Wouldn’t you want to get that message out in as many formats as possible?

If not, you’re taking a huge gamble with your firm’s future. Even if your legal marketing is otherwise sound, a lack of downloadable material presents several ways potential customers can fall through the cracks. By not offering an e-book, you run the risk of:

  • Losing attention. Unlike your paper guide, e-books can be delivered immediately, keeping your name at the forefront of the customer’s mind and preventing him from continuing his search elsewhere.
  • Looking unprofessional. Paper books may not signify that your law firm is out-of-date, but the lack of an electronic option will make it look like you are not technologically inclined...a big turn-off for younger customers.
  • Being passed over. Thanks to search engine updates, people are increasingly able to find exactly what they want with minimum effort. If you only offer a paper copy of a book, it will take a customer less than a minute to find a competitor who can deliver it instantly. You may have written a better book, but to a frightened consumer needing legal advice, right now is better than the right information.
Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.