Should I pay to get in one of the “Best Lawyers” books?

The short answer is no. These books and websites charge lawyers to put the law firm’s name on some kind of All-Star List that potential clients can use for research. This is not the way a good marketing strategy is run.

There are plenty of resources out there that offer potential clients a list of the best lawyers and law firms in the country or their area. When the public is concerned about the quality and legitimacy of a law firm, they pay a company that has lawyers pay them for fake credentials. Then all of a sudden, they’re one of the best law firms in the country! Amazing how that happens.

These companies shouldn’t boast that their list is the best list of lawyers in the country, but should really say something like, “here are some lawyers who paid us money.” It won’t do you, or the clients any good. There’s the old joke: What do you call the guy who graduates at the bottom of his class in med school? Doctor. The same goes for lawyers, and bad lawyers might have enough money to get their name on that list, too.

Even if you’re on that list, who’s to say it will get you clients? There are dozens of other quality lawyers who either fit your specialty or your work area, and in that book or on that website, they can’t tell the difference. You need to figure out a way to differentiate yourself from the competition, because being in the same book as the rest doesn’t set you apart at all.

Yes, it is incredibly difficult to differentiate yourself from the competition, especially in more saturated fields and in bigger cities. But there are better ways to do it! For advice on how to differentiate your law firm through a successful marketing campaign, contact Ben Glass at Great Legal Marketing. He offers advice and tips on how to stand above the competition, and you can order a free chapter from his book online.

Ben Glass
Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.