A Local Television Affiliate Has Pre-Made Ads for Attorneys. Is it A Good Idea to Use These Ad Templates?

Should you use pre-made ads for your television spot?Absolutely not! Using prefabricated ad spots or letting the station write part, or all, of your script may save some time in the short run, but you’re essentially giving the station control of your small law firm’s marketplace image, and that’s a costly mistake.

The station isn’t going to know the particulars of your firm: what you do, what makes you unique, or why a prospect might specifically want to work with you. In fact, most prefabricated ad spots have probably been running on the station for ages, to the point where the few personal injury prospects still in their seats for the commercial breaks have probably learned to tune them out.

Three Essential Parts of Any Television Ad

A pre-made ad will never include the most important parts of a TV ad. This is the part of advertising that can't be automated, borrowed, or phoned in, unless you are happy with paying for an ad that will never bring in clients.

  1. A Unique Offer
    When you film your TV ad, please don't just stand in front of a camera and talk about free consultations and "cash for your pain." This type of lawyer ad is easily tuned-out, mainly because they are so prevalent. Instead, offer something unique, like a free report, book, or package.
  2. Tracking URLs and Phone Numbers
    You have spent big bucks on that TV ad, so make sure you are tracking your return on investment. Include a tracking number or URL in the ad. This tracking information should be your main call to action. Without this information, you are blindly marketing and hoping for the best.
  3. A Personal Touch
    Don't be afraid to bring some personality to your ad. This type of information about you and your law firm makes the ad memorable, and will help with the conversion rate.

You’ve spent those personal injury lawyer advertising dollars on television ad spots. Now put them to good use by creating a sharp, well-targeted 30 seconds that will be noticed and remembered.

Ben Glass
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