Should I write my own press releases as part of my law firm marketing campaign?

Yes, writing your own press releases is an important part of your law firm marketing strategy. Do not wait and hope that a reporter is going to find out about an impressive settlement you just made or that your firm is involved with a successful charitable event. Chances are the reporters are never going to hear about the majority of newsworthy events at your law firm.
You, however, can make sure potential clients learn about the newsworthy events at your law firm by writing your own press releases. You can publish these press releases on a news section of your own website, and you may be able to syndicate them or publish them elsewhere.
When deciding what to include in a press release, consider whether it furthers your legal marketing goals. Does it establish you, or your firm, as an expert in your field? Does it highlight your involvement in the community? Will potential clients find it interesting?
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Ben Glass
Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.