The answer is clear: both! A legal website is an essential law firm marketing tool for today’s attorneys. In order to maximize its success in attracting new clients, the site needs to appeal to both search engines and potential clients. This task can be trickier than it first seems, as the factors that attract potential clients do not necessarily correspond with search engine optimization. Fortunately, the attorney marketing experts at Great Legal Marketing are here to help.

Search engines use “spiders” or “robots” to crawl and index the legal website. The spiders are driven by logic and algorithms, although the exact formulas are not public information. At the same time, people are drawn to websites for more personal reasons. Below is a small sampling of what your attorney website should do to appeal to both:

  • Utilize effective keyword phrases that you envision the average potential client typing into a search engine
  • Use keywords that search where the potential client is, what they want, and who they want it from
  • Contain relevant content that answers the questions a potential client may have
  • Focus your content on the needs of the client, not your personal background

Attorney websites are an excellent form of law firm marketing. To maximize effectiveness, however, it is important to seek guidance from internet marketing experts. For more information, contact the experienced team at Great Legal Marketing. Fill out our online form, or call our office today at 703-591-9829.

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