What quality of paper should I print my law firm newsletter on?The answer is that it doesn’t really matter so long as you publish a newsletter, according to a schedule you’ve set, and print it on real paper (as opposed to distributing it electronically.) Some law firms enjoy using color, pictures, and glossy paper to make a professional looking newsletter that is an integral part of their law firm marketing strategy. Other law firms prefer to stick to text only and print on regular paper, because they do not find the extra cost associated with color ink and glossy paper to be worthwhile.

Neither type of printing is wrong. Typically, recipients care less about what your newsletter looks like than about what is in your newsletter. Many people get used to getting their newsletter at the same time every month. They appreciate the useful tips you provide for them and hearing the news about your law firm. Accordingly, it is important not to disappoint them and instead to consistently deliver an interesting, well-written and aesthetically pleasing newsletter, whether that newsletter is in color or black and white, on glossy paper or plain.

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