Should my lawyer marketing be solely focused on people who have very recently been injured?

No, your attorney marketing campaign should be complex and aim to reach people at different points in their recovery. While some potential clients may begin searching for personal injury lawyers very soon after an accident, other potential clients may take weeks or even months before contacting a lawyer.

As a personal injury lawyer, you should design your law firm marketing to attract all of these potential clients and to keep their interest. For example, you might include content for the newly injured, for accident victims who face extended time out of work, and for people who suffered significant injuries but are nearing the end of their physical recoveries.

A good lawyer marketing strategy designs content to attract the newly injured person who wants help immediately after an accident occurs, a client who is unsure if a lawyer is necessary, and a client who may be reaching the statute of limitations deadline.

This type of diversification can help you attract the clients you want and help you grow your practice in way that helps you lead the lifestyle you want. Please review the content on our website for more personal injury legal marketing ideas.

Ben Glass
Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.