Some of my employees came up with a law firm tagline that they think is great. It really doesn’t represent who I am. Should I keep it or change it?

Law firm taglines are an important part of your legal marketing activities and one that you are, quite appropriately, taking seriously. It was a good idea to involve your employees in the process of developing of a tagline even if it is one that you do not ultimately choose to use. Your employees spend a lot of time with you and know you well. It is important to listen to their ideas about attorney marketing and to talk to them about why they think a particular tag line is a good idea. Even if you do not end up using the tagline, you will likely learn something important about how they (and others) perceive you.

You are the attorney. You are marketing your legal practice. In the end, you decide whether or not to keep a tagline created by your employees or to create a new tagline. Whatever you decide, our legal marketing consultants urge to consider why your employees created the tagline that they did and to make the choice that best furthers your legal marketing plan.

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