How Do I Test My Landing Page For My Law Firm Marketing?

How do you split test landing pages for your law firm?Once you have developed a landing page as part of your law firm marketing campaign, it is important to test its effectiveness and make changes where necessary. Fortunately, Google offers a free tool that allows lawyers to test various aspects of their landing page. The tool will allow tests on the effectiveness of many areas, including the following:

  • Color
  • Headlines
  • Calls to action
  • Buttons
  • Changes to the landing page

What is this Google tool that can improve your attorney marketing landing page? It is known as Google Optimize, and its goal is to help your law firm convert more visitors into paying clients. The tool allows the attorney to assess which content, offers, and designs are most effective at converting visitors into clients. Because the tool is free for all Google users, there is virtually no downside to its use.

Google Optimize offers:

  • Videos and web seminars about design and planning.
  • Tips for how to use the results of the testing.
  • Articles and information on website optimization.
  • Incremental learning, so you can master the basic functions of the tool before moving on to more sophisticated analysis.
  • Advanced testing strategies for those comfortable with the initial results produced by the tool.

We recommend you spit test your landing page early in your marketing campaign. Typically, you need to collect data for about a month before you can truly understand which page is performing better. Don't just test to see which page converts more leads, you should also check to see which page gets you the most clients. There are many landing pages that will fill your list with leads, but those leads may not be valuable. The real test will be if those leads become clients, then you will really know if your landing page is helping your law firm.

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