The other lawyers in my town say I'm “showing them up” with my marketing efforts, and they've hinted that they'll stop sending me referrals unless I let up. What should I do?

Well, that depends on how many referrals they send your way, and how many of these referrals wind up being long-term, loyal, paying clients. In the end, though, your improved and innovative marketing efforts will probably wind up bringing in more clients than could ever be referred to you by your fellow practitioners, and you should stay the course and not concern yourself with what the competition thinks!

The fact is that raising the bar of your marketing efforts is bound to ruffle the feathers of the other lawyers in your community. They have spent years sleepily doing the things all lawyers do: advertising in the Yellow pages, building cookie-cutter websites, producing generic 30-second spots that air on daytime TV. By doing something innovative—and being successful at it—you are forcing them to reconsider their own marketing efforts, and they resent you for calling attention to their own complacency.

This is manifestly not your problem; it's their problem, and they're the ones who have to deal with it.

And what if these other lawyers wind up adopting some of your successful law firm marketing techniques? That's not necessarily a bad thing; after all, the supply of potential clients in any given area is much bigger than you'd think, and as the saying goes, a “rising tide lifts all boats.” Look at it this way: you can consider yourself a cutting-edge thinker, and you'll still be more likely than your associates to come up with new marketing ideas.

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