Choosing an appropriate topic area for your legal marketing book is as simple as understanding the questions that your potential clients typically raise. Effective law firm books address these questions by educating the potential client. Consider the following points:
  • What question typically drives your potential client to begin searching for more information?
  • What are the most common questions that first-time callers raise when they contact your law firm?
  • What fears are typically raised by new clients?
  • What factors have the largest effect on a particular type of case?
  • What intricacies apply to this area of law?
After considering questions such as those outlined above, you will likely have an idea of a good topic to write your attorney marketing book on. The following are examples of good book topics:
  • Insight into the consequences of a drunk driving charge
  • How to choose an attorney
  • An insider’s overview of the legal process for a particular legal issue
  • Ways you can hurt your own case
  • Steps you can take to help your case
  • Pursuing a claim involving an insurance company
  • A guide to the potential types of damages available in your case
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