What are some guidelines for creating a successful legal advertisement?

An overall legal marketing strategy is diversified and incorporates various forms of advertisements. This may include a media advertising campaign involving periodicals, the internet, brochures, audio, or video. When creating these advertisements, there are several key guidelines to incorporate into the finished product:


  1. Be interesting and exciting

  2. Keep it simple

  3. Educate rather than sell

  4. Encourage the potential client to reach out


The most important factor to remember is to avoid trying to overshare in the advertisement. The potential client is not going to contact a lawyer because he or she listed their alma matter in the advertisement. Traditional legal advertisements list this information, which does little to inspire the potential client to seek out the law firm. The most successful, effective legal advertisements, however, are so interesting that they provoke individuals to contact the lawyer before the need for legal services even arises.


Sending a clear, educational, and interesting message in your legal advertisement is an excellent way in which to gain new clients. To learn about these and other legal marketing ideas, contact Great Legal Marketing by filling out our online form or calling 703-591-9829.

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