What are some horror stories that mystery calls uncover when used as part of an overall personal injury marketing strategy?

Legal marketing campaigns are only as effective as the communication that occurs between the potential client and the law firm once the advertising inspires the individual to reach out. Mystery calls are an excellent tool for monitoring the success of these communications. Unfortunately, mystery calls sometimes uncover poor practices utilized by law firm employees. Examples of poor practices include:

  • Employees speaking negatively about potential or existing clients as they transfer the caller to another team member, perhaps without being aware that the caller can still hear the communication.
  • Employees blatantly or inadvertently encouraging callers to reach out to other law firms that are in direct competition with their firm.
  • Employees discouraging potential clients from coming to the law firm in person.
  • Employees failing to obtain all of the necessary information from callers.
  • Employees transferring callers to the wrong staff member.
  • Employees utilizing poor language or tone of voice.
  • Employees failing to listen adequately to the needs, wants, and questions of callers.
  • Employees leaving callers on hold for extended periods.
  • Employees failing to answer calls or return messages promptly.

Mystery calls will attorneys identify problems such as these, allowing the law firm the opportunity to improve.

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Ben Glass
Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.