You have many choices when you market your law practice online.In today's technology based society, the internet has become an increasingly important resource with regard to legal marketing. People are able to connect with friends, families, colleagues, and businesses with the click of a mouse. Additionally, our nation has the highest number of attorneys offering their services than ever before. To set your law firm apart, it is essential that your lawyer marketing goes beyond the traditional print and television advertisements.

Examples of new areas to focus legal marketing efforts are as follows:

  • Facebook - Present a more personal and social side of the law firm, with pictures and links to interesting content.
  • Twitter - Quickly and efficiently reach hundreds of potential clients with short updates and links to valuable information.
  • YouTube - Provide a more personal means for connecting with potential clients by connecting faces with the names of the attorneys of the law firm.
  • Free Giveaways - Offer potential clients with free promotional items, while simultaneously promoting the name of the law firm.
  • Consumer Guides - Build trust with potential clients by offering free and valuable information.
  • Newsletters - Provide a means for continuously connecting with clients on a regular basis.
  • Fundraiser - Promote the goodwill of the law firm within the community while also promoting the law firm's information.

Regardless of the medium used, the legal marketing should follow the key guidelines for effective legal advertisements by being interesting, offering valuable information, and inspiring action from the potential client.

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