What Are the Best Forms of Follow-Up for Effective Legal Marketing?

What are some great ways to follow-up with potential clients?Follow up with clients is an essential part of an overall legal marketing plan. This can consist of virtually any form of contact with a potential client. The following is a summary of some of the most frequently used methods:
  1. Legal newsletter
    Properly written, the attorney periodical should highlight interesting court decisions, cases, or facts and present them in an educational and creative manner. Contacts of the law firm who receive the newsletter will remember the attention-grabbing story lines and hopefully contact the lawyer when a need for legal representation arises.
  2. Phone calls
    Perhaps the most personal form of follow up is a phone call to a potential client. After an initial introduction, conference, email, or mailing, a follow-up phone call is a direct method for reaching out to contacts.
  3. Email
    Email is a quick and efficient form of follow up because it allows for an inexpensive, indirect, and low-pressure means of connecting with the potential client. The individual can respond when it is convenient for them.
  4. Packaged marketing materials
    These materials can include anything from a law firm brochure to a coloring book about car safety. The goal is the same - to give the contact something to serve as a reminder about the attorney and the services the law firm offers.
  5. Community involvement
    Earning a reputation in the community for being a respected and trusted leader happens naturally over time through dedicated involvement in local activities. It is also an excellent form of follow up because it serves as another opportunity to be in front of potential future clients.
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