What are some attorney marketing ideas you can use immediately?Tactically speaking, what are the three most useful personal injury marketing ideas? The following answers may seem either blindingly obvious to you or surprising counterintuitive, depending on where you are in the process of educating yourself about marketing.

  1. Start Doing Lead Generation
    Your most valuable resource is your list. To start marketing your firm, you first have to create a unique offer (NOT a free consultation). This free offer, like a book or report, will grow your list and put potential clients in the top of your funnel.
  2. Work on Your Customer Service
    Lawyers are preoccupied with the practice of law, and they forget to develop good customer service in their law firms. This means training your staff to answer the phones correctly, upgrading your in-office experience, and differentiating your practice using creative marketing.
  3. Become More Selective About the Clients You Hire
    When you let bad clients into your law firm, you are creating an environment that no one enjoys working in. Those clients who do not respect your time, who treat your staff poorly, and who have bad cases are not helping your law firm at all. I've revolutionized hundreds of firms by merely giving lawyers the permission to reject bad cases. When you start doing this, you will see a positive change in your life.

Of course, there is not one thing that will change your law firm overnight. Deciding to run a more profitable law firm takes work, and the most successful lawyers make multiple changes in the way their practice is run. If you are ready to change your law firm, start with the items we mentioned in this article, but keep in mind it doesn't end here.

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