What credentials are the most important to advertise?

Your academic honors, bar certifications, association memberships and awards are all great credentials to have hanging in your office, but that's pretty much where you should leave them.

When choosing which credentials to advertise in your lawyer marketing you should focus on the big 3: 
  • a Martindale-Hubbell rating;
  • a listing in Best Lawyers of America; and
  • National Board of Trial Advocacy certification. 

These 3 credentials carry the most clout among the hundreds of lawyer accolades you can collect in your years of legal practice. The reason they are so prestigious is that you cannot solicit them on your own. You have to earn them, either by peer recommendation, selection by committee, and in the case of the NBTA, continuing education and examinations.

There are many supposed "elite" credentials you can obtain with a credit card and not much else. Many "exclusive" lawyer directories make their members pay a premium to have an enhanced listing. This makes them feel special, if it's worth paying for it has to be better, right? Truthfully, anyone can get listed if they're willing to pay.

While you shouldn't dedicate too much of your legal marketing resources to hyping up your credentials, you should at least consider boasting about the big 3 if you've earned them. 

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Ben Glass
Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.