When a person is looking for a lawyer, chances are he is not in the best place in his life. Whether it’s because of a car accident, possible bankruptcy, personal injury, or any of the other areas for which a person needs a lawyer, he probably don’t want to spend more time than the absolute minimum needed to find the right lawyer.

This is a great marketing opportunity for a lawyer who speaks to the potential client’s needs, instead of showing off her credentials or buffeting the client with legal jargon. A business-like focus on the legal issues at hand might be just what’s needed to pull in the client. This is a time in his life when the client wants to deal with someone he knows can help in a simple, professional manner.

This “less is more” marketing strategy says you can pull in potential clients without flashy online ads, endless posters on buses all over town, or an offer for a free book to answer all their questions. Those types of marketing can work fine, but for certain potential clients, you just need to convince them you’re a competent professional who has the answers.

So how do you make the right impression?

This could be accomplished through a few informative articles on a website or a down-to-earth ad on local television or other local mediums. An ad showing how you took down a major corporation for millions of dollars might be effective for some clients, but a different strategy is need for someone who’s just trying to avoid losing everything he has over a few bad decisions or a car accident.

Local advertising is a good way to catch the eye of someone who is just looking for help, not a lifelong relationship. Present yourself as a regular person who is out to help other regular people, and you will attract the regular people. That doesn’t sound too flashy and profitable, but just remember, there are a lot of “regular people” out there.

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