What happens when my law firm’s advertising works and people raise their hands to say they want to talk to us?

If this seems like a silly question, consider all the ways this scenario can go wrong. Your marketing campaign is in full swing, and you’re starting to get some leads. Many attorneys’ knee-jerk reaction is to say, “Well, we call them back and set up an appointment.” Easy, right?

That might have worked ten years ago, but today, it’s not nearly good enough. The person who contacted you isn’t going to stop at asking one attorney for advice—not when the Internet allows him to email anyone, anywhere, instantly. He may have queried five, ten, or fifty lawyers in the past hour, and will likely base his decision on two things: how quickly the attorney responded, and how helpful the attorney was.

How can you show the customer that you’re the best—and quickest—out of fifty?

Don’t overlook the conversion process

Now that you have customers, you must turn them into clients. If they send you an email, your automatic response system should let them know that they have been heard and will be answered shortly. If they have given their street address, an informational packet should be on its way to their home.

The point is: your law practice marketing does not end when someone contacts you. You would be surprised how many people overlook this simple (and vital) part of their marketing strategy.

Not knowing how you’re going to cope with the business your campaign brings in is like spending thousands of dollars on a racecar and forgetting to hire a driver: you may have a great system, but if you don’t know how to work it, it’s not going to go very far.

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