What if I don't have a unique selling proposition?

You’re asking the wrong question. If you don’t want to use a unique selling proposition in your marketing, that’s fine. You’ll blend in a lot more with your competition, making you seem like just another attorney—and while that may sound safe, it usually isn’t very profitable.

Instead of discarding the idea, you should really focus and try to discover what your law firm’s unique selling proposition really is. What sets you apart: as an attorney, as a parent, as a community member, and as a person? Your USP doesn’t have to relate to the law; if it relates to you, it will automatically relate to your firm.

Don’t know where to start? Here are just a few ideas:

  • Start with your background. What was your first job? Where is your hometown? What kinds of law have you studied?
  • Think of your lifestyle. Are you a sports fan? Are you active in politics? Do you take regular camping trips or participate in races?
  • Consider your home life. Did a family member inspire you to go into a form of law you thought you wouldn’t like? Do you live in the city, or the country? Do you have firsthand knowledge of the perils of divorce law?

Once you have your USP, you can tie it into all facets of your marketing, giving your readers a way to remember you. For instance, you may have worked for insurance companies in the past, and know what lengths they will go to in order to deny a claim. Promote your “insider knowledge” (you earned it, after all!) on every page; anyone having trouble with a claim will want to hear your advice.

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