What information should be used to follow up law firm marketing?

One of the most successful ways to run a law firm marketing campaign is also one of the easiest and cheapest to work. When a law firm offers free information on their website, through a book, DVD, or informational packet, they can request the contact information and various other details that could be used for continuing communication.

Here are some examples of simple information that could be beneficial for law firm marketing communication:

  • E-mail address or home address. Your law firm should have a monthly newsletter through e-mail or print to keep your name relevant to former and potential future clients. When someone needs a reference, you should be the first lawyer he thinks of.
  • Practice area: If potential clients order your free book or information packet in a certain practice area, you now know what they’re interested in and what kind of questions they might have. Use this to communicate more information. If they request a packet on bankruptcy, e-mail them a few days later with “Five Things You Need to Know About Bankruptcy.” You’ll have them hooked if they like what they see.
  • Birthday or anniversary. Send a little e-mail or postcard congratulating them on another year on earth or of marriage. If you can include something about your own life, you can ensure they see you as an actual person as well. This also works for holidays, where you can send a picture of your own family.
  • Professional contact information. If a company requests information, you can organize a mutually beneficial agreement to promote one another’s services. This is especially helpful if you’re both community businesses.

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