What is a ghostwriter for law firm marketing content?

Running your own law firm or company can be a wonderful experience, even when it seems like hours are disappearing every day and all you want is a chance to breathe. Being your own boss and having the freedom that goes along with that can be totally worth it if you learn time-management strategies from the boss’s perspective.

One of the more important qualities of a successful manager is learning how to delegate responsibilities. Someone needs to be assigned to every routine law firm task, from answering communications with courts and clients to ordering more pads of sticky notes. As the boss, ordering stationery is not worth your time, but someone needs to do it.

Your job as manager is to make sure the people assigned to jobs follow through on their obligations. You must make sure the jobs get done, but you shouldn’t be doing all the detail work yourself.

One of the most important forms of communication, and most difficult to do well, is maintain a monthly newsletter for clients and potential clients. This can include news about the firm, community news, and additional services.

Someone who runs the company might not have the time for this type of communication and writing, but they can find someone to do it. Hiring a ghostwriter online can save time for a small fee, and finding a writer is easier than finding a business card at a conference.

There are ghostwriting companies and individuals who can write newsletters and even entire website content. Be careful to find someone who will put the research into your company so it’s not just a canned newsletter that could have any law firm’s name posted on the top. 

One of the benefits of working with Ben Glass of Great Legal Marketing is that his team will write personalized newsletters and content for your law firm. It’s not a cookie-cutter form, but well-planned and researched content focused on your strengths as a company.

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